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Richardson Roofing Company Offers Tips on Roof Repairs vs. Replacement

Richardson Roofing Company Offers Tips on Roof Repairs vs. Replacement - R2 Roof Guys

Roof repairs are not only time consuming, but can also disrupt the normal routine for your home. Depending on the condition of your roof, you may have to decide between a roof replacement or roof repairs.  Deciding on the direction of your roof repairs should not be done recklessly or without a bit of background. There are basic things every homeowner should know about roof repairs before deciding between having roof repairs or a roof replacement, especially when it’s your first time making roofing decisions.

According to Richardson roofing company R2 Roof Guys, “Having a roof repaired or replaced is a major investment, we feel that it’s important for homeowners to be fully informed and educated before making any roofing decisions.” Here are seven things you should know before making any roofing decisions.

1 – Different Factors Affect Roof Repair Costs

The extent of damage and the type of roofing material needed for repairs are among the two main factors that affect roof repair cost. For smaller repairs or replacing less expensive roofing materials, your repair cost may be smaller.  Depending on the type of material you previously had on your roof, you may decide to go in a more durable direction when you’re already in need of repairs. Analyzing the longevity of the roofing material compared to the overall cost of replacing less dependable material is something a roofing contractor has a ton of experience in.

R2 Roof Guys also advises that to minimize overall repair cost, it’s highly recommended to do regular roof inspections to prevent a smaller roof problem getting worse and avoiding the expensive cost of a big roof repair.

2 – Personal Roof Inspection Is Also Necessary

Doing a regular roof inspection can actually help you avoid much larger roof repairs down the road. You can use a checklist to see if there’s any blow-off damage after a storm, missing and curled shingles, roof leaks, damaged flashing, and weakened roof decking.  

If you are not comfortable doing it on your own, get in touch with a trusted roofing company near your area. For residents in Richardson Texas, just call R2 Roof Guys at 214-405-4396 to request a free roof inspection in Dallas.

3 – Know the Life Expectancy of Your Roof

How often your roof should be replaced depends largely on the type of material used on your roof and how long your roof has been protecting your home.  For asphalt shingles, you can expect a roof replacement after 15 to 30 years, while metal roofs can last up to 75 years before you need a roof replacement.

On the other hand, these timelines are without accounting for extreme storm damage or hail damage to your roof. If you believe you may have storm damage or hail damage to your roof, it is crucial to hire a reliable roof replacement company to avoid future issues caused by a poor roof installation. If you are unable to determine if your roof damage needs repairs, get in touch with a roof contractor that offers free inspections without contracts.

4 – Avoid DIY Roof Repairs or Replacements

Unless you are a professional roofer, do-it-yourself roofing repairs are not recommended out of concern for your own safety. In most cases, DIY roof repairs can even lead to needing more repairs which defeat the doing it on your own to save money in the first place. In reality, there’s a higher probability that you won’t be able to complete the roof repairs correctly the first time or possibly even the second time.

Most roofing contractors in Dallas highly recommend homeowners to seek help from a professional roof repair company instead of attempting repairs on their own. R2 Roof Guys have over 35 years of experience with roof repairs in Dallas, Texas and are able to complete the job right the first time.  For roof repair and replacement in Richardson, call R2 Roof Guys at 214-405-4396.

5 – Small Roof Repairs are Cost-Effective

It is better to repair a small roof problem at the first sign of trouble rather than ignoring it and letting it become the cause of a bigger problem such as structural damage. Once you are aware of even the smallest sign of a roof problem, have a roofing contractor out to inspect your roof and find the cause of it.

Small roof maintenance repairs are budget-friendly, prevent roofing issues from getting worse, and help you avoid investing more money toward costly roof repairs.

6 – Preventive Maintenance is Crucial

Keeping your roof in top shape is key to avoiding an expensive roof replacement or costly repairs. Preventive maintenance including replacing damaged shingles immediately, keeping your roof clear of debris, pruning trees and branches on your properly, repairing clogged gutters, and having a roof inspection completed at least twice a year, can help you avoid costly roof repairs. Contact a Richardson roofing company to help you conduct an inspection for preventive maintenance.

7 – The Right Time to Replace Your Roof

The right time to replace your roof can be determined by the signs of damage it shows.  There are three main signs a roof needs to be replaced including curled shingles, a sagging roof, or leaks throughout your house.  

Richardson Roof Repairs and Replacement with R2 Roof Guys

R2 Roof Guys says that when you notice that some of the roof shingles are beginning to curl at their edges you have the start of a roof problem.  On the other hand, a sagging roof is a sign to call a roofer as soon as possible and delaying repairs can cause a dangerous living condition for your family. Any leaks in your home should also be an immediate sign of concern.  A single roof leak can be repaired, but multiple roof leaks could mean your roof is badly damaged and ultimately need to be replaced.

If you have already considered these and are unsure if you need roof repairs or a roof replacement, contact a professional roofing contractor right away.  If you are in need of repairs, contact R2 Roof Guys roofing company in Richardson, TX at 214-405-4396 or visit their website to schedule a free roof inspection.

Richardson Hail Damage – Roofing Company Teaches Roof Protection

Richardson Hail Damage - Roofing Company Teaches Roof Protection - R2 Roof Guys

The best protection for your roof will come from regular maintenance by a professional roofing company. Read on to learn how you can protect your Richardson roof from hail damage.

On average, the US receives around 3,000 hailstorms nationwide every year. Even when hail isn’t as destructive as a tornado, it is certainly more common and can result in heavy structural damage to your roof and home. The largest affectees are Texas homeowners living in big residential spaces.

Residential roofs in Dallas are not as sturdy and efficient as commercial roofs. As the hail and downpour subside, nothing much happens to the big commercial buildings. However, they often leave deep cracks, leaks, stains, and missing shingles on residential roofs.

It is for this reason why consulting a capable roofing company for regular maintenance or roof inspections is extremely crucial. Residents who reside in a place like Richardson, TX, where hailstorms and heavy rain are a common occurrence need to practice certain precautions.

Before you have to call in a professional roof contractor in Dallas for a hefty roof repair, here are 3 ways through which you can prevent hail damage.

1. Use Only the Most Durable Roof Material

As a homeowner, you may not know much about the different raw materials, but here’s a fact: if the roof material erodes and breaks easily, then your house is clearly unprotected from the hailstorm. Use warmer shingles as they are less likely to break when the hail hits. When you invest in extremely durable material like asphalt or aluminum, the shingle-resistance increases and ensures better roof protection.

2. Regular Roof Maintenance

This simply can’t be stressed enough. Book a professional roofing company and make it a point to call them once a month for a roof inspection in Richardson. There could be hidden roof leaks, missing shingle layers, or even stains that are eating away the roofing material. Only an expert can determine which part of your roof needs urgent repair.

If you’re wondering how to protect house windows from hail in Richardson, TX, then roof maintenance is an excellent option to create a more durable protective, exterior of the house.

3. Use Durable Hail-Resistant Roof Sheathing

Ask your Richardson roof repair company to only use rigid and sturdy roof sheathing so that it doesn’t bend or flex when the hail hits. If the roof sheathing flexes easily, then your roof is more vulnerable to dents and cracks.

R2 Roof Guys Repairs Richardson Hail Damaged Roofs

Follow these tips to protect your roof from hail damage in Richardson or any other type of storm damage in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact the professional roofing company R2 Roof Guys in Garland, TX for regular roof maintenance and roof repairs in Richardson, TX.

At R2 Roof Guys, we pride ourselves on being honest, trustworthy roofing contractors who specialize in replacing hail damaged roofs and any other kind of roof repairs in DFW. Whether you need roof repairs or not, we believe in educating everyone on how to avoid these popular roofing scams during hail season in Dallas.

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Cost-Saving Benefits of a Properly Installed Roof in Wylie

Cost-Saving Benefits of a Properly Installed Roof in Wylie - R2 Roof Guys

After years of relentless service and diligently keeping rain and critters out of your house, your roof certainly needs some level of maintenance. Most Texas homeowners complain about the expensive roof repairs they have to comply with every time there’s storm damage in Wylie, TX.

Although regular maintenance is important, if you’re constantly pulling out dollars for recurrent roof repairs, then your roof was never installed properly in the first place. Only a professional roofing company in Wylie, TX, like R2 Roof Guys has the technical expertise and experience to install a roof correctly. From the shingles and roof vents to the underlayment, ridges, and a solid decking, everything should be correctly installed.

Here are just a few of the signs that an inexperienced roof installed your roof:

  • Poor insulation and ventilation in the house
  • Aging roof underlayment
  • Low quality soffit and roofing materials
  • And, roofing not installed up to the code

You can actually save a lot of money in the long run by simply investing a little more in a professional roofing company. Although there is a multitude of reasons to choose a reputable Wylie roofing contractor, there are also cost-saving factors that all Texas homeowners should be aware of before rolling the dice on inexperienced roofing contractors.

Saving Benefits of a Properly Installed Roof

Here are two of the most important cost-saving benefits for all homeowners in Wylie, TX needing roof repairs or roof replacements.

1. Lower Energy Bills  

Your roof is directly responsible for the insulation in your house. Whether you’re trying to beat the heat or stay warm in the cold, your roof will have a bigger role to play compared to your HVAC unit. When the roof is insulated well, from the decking to the top-most asphalt shingles, you won’t be straining your HVAC unit to keep the room cool or warm.

Having an energy efficient roof will automatically bring down your energy bills. You’ll begin to notice a sharp drop in your electricity bills as the result of a solid roof system for your home. If you think improving your roof to reduce energy costs is a hefty investment, you should realize your monthly energy bill will only continue to grow if you don’t address the problem.  A roofing company in Wylie,TX will have the knowledge and experience to tell you if an inefficient roofing ventilation system should be corrected by professional roof repairs or a new roof replacement.

2. A Properly Installed Roof Leads to Less Repairs

A certified roof installer will provide homeowners with top-notch roof installations and repairs. When you hire a professional roofing company to complete a new roof replacement in Wylie, TX, your minimizing future roof repair cost that’s associated with an improperly installed roof.  Not every roofing contractor will stand behind their work, so it’s important to do your research before you hire just any contractor. When you hire a Wylie roofing company with a wide range of repair and installation experience, you can eliminate future repairs due to poorly installed roofs, gutters, ventilator turbines, or skylights. By taking the time to do the research before hiring a professional roofing company in Wylie, TX, you can save yourself from a poorly installed roof that requires costly repairs.

Choose R2 Roof Guys As Your Wylie, TX Roofing Company

R2 Roof Guys is a family owned and operated roofing company that has been proudly serving the DFW and surrounding areas since 1991. We have made it our mission to go above and beyond by providing quality control alongside superior customer care. The team at R2 Roof Guys in Garland, TX believes customer satisfaction is paramount, and we walk you through every step of the process with open, honest communication. We are honored to have long-standing customers that call us for their Wylie roof repairs and the surrounding Dallas-Fort Worth metro area. Call us today at 214-405-4396 to get started with a free roof inspection.

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Murphy Roofing Contractor – Safeguard Your Roof from Storm Damage

Murphy Roofing Contractor - Safeguard Your Roof from Storm Damage - R2 Roof Guys

With recent bouts of torrential rain and destructive storms, the need to protect your house from the weather has become a necessity. Previously, only a handful of homeowners would cover their roofs with leak barriers and green sheets.

However, the growing fears of dealing with over-flooding, water seeping into chimneys, or damaged satellite dishes, compels many residents to take swift action against downpours. Seeing that one of the most common roof repairs in Murphy, TX is due to storm damage, homeowners are increasingly seeking professional roofing services to strengthen their roof from harsh weather.

Three Effective Ways Roof Maintenance Helps Avoid Storm Damage

Roof repairs in Murphy, TX can be easily mitigated when proper care is taken. If you know a downpour is about to hit your area, you should take swift precautions to protect your roof. In the long-term, you should invest in a solid roof maintenance program. Here are 3 ways to reduce the storm damage to your roof.

1. Gutter Protection

If your drainage system is installed properly, half of your storm damage can be prevented there and then. Securing your gutters and downspouts is worth the time and effort because they are the best defense against flooding inside your house. If the gutters are clogged with asphalt shingles, leaves, and other debris, the water can spill out from the sides of the roof and end up backing up inside your home.  

2. A Thorough Roof Inspection

In the long-term, this is the only practical way to ensure your roof’s safety. An aging roof will quickly develop stains and mold and may show signs of collapsing very soon. Murphy, TX roofs can receive heavy downpours during spring and summer, and that just doubles the storm damage done to residential roofs.

Call in an experienced roof contractor and have every inch of your roof properly inspected. There could be hidden leaks, missing shingles, or broken underlayment. Only an expert will be able to fix the issue before the rain descends. Roof maintenance will also strengthen your roof’s protective layers so you won’t have to worry as much when the clouds begin to look dark and angry.

3. Cleaning up Your Backyard

Trim down any overgrown branches and foliage to avoid them from flying over to your roof. This way, you will protect your glass windows from any detriment.

Let a Murphy Roofing Contractor Inspect Your Roof

Protecting your roof from storm damage in Murphy, TX will also include once-a-month cleaning of moss, algae and debris. With these simple steps, you can effectively create a safe zone for your roof. Call (214)-405-4396 and speak to the Murphy roofing contractors at R2 Roof Guys in Garland, TX today. We have over 30 years of experience handling roofing repairs in Murphy, TX and the greater Dallas area. If you believe your roof has suffered weather damage, the professionals at R2 Roof Guys can provide a free inspection to see if your roof needs repairs or a complete roof replacement.

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