Installing a New Roof? Here’s What You Should Know - R2 Roof Guys Roofing Company
Roof installation is one of the most crucial home repairs for homeowners. Not only is it incredibly expensive, but it can greatly influence the curb appeal of your house. If your interior space is too small, a slightly-sloped roof will look extremely awkward. On the other hand, if the roofing
Richardson Roofing Company Offers Tips on Roof Repairs vs. Replacement - R2 Roof Guys
Roof repairs are not only time consuming, but can also disrupt the normal routine for your home. Depending on the condition of your roof, you may have to decide between a roof replacement or roof repairs.  Deciding on the direction of your roof repairs should not be done recklessly or
Richardson Hail Damage - Roofing Company Teaches Roof Protection - R2 Roof Guys
The best protection for your roof will come from regular maintenance by a professional roofing company. Read on to learn how you can protect your Richardson roof from hail damage. On average, the US receives around 3,000 hailstorms nationwide every year. Even when hail isn’t as destructive as a tornado,
Cost-Saving Benefits of a Properly Installed Roof in Wylie - R2 Roof Guys
After years of relentless service and diligently keeping rain and critters out of your house, your roof certainly needs some level of maintenance. Most Texas homeowners complain about the expensive roof repairs they have to comply with every time there’s storm damage in Wylie, TX. Although regular maintenance is important,
Murphy Roofing Contractor - Safeguard Your Roof from Storm Damage - R2 Roof Guys
With recent bouts of torrential rain and destructive storms, the need to protect your house from the weather has become a necessity. Previously, only a handful of homeowners would cover their roofs with leak barriers and green sheets. However, the growing fears of dealing with over-flooding, water seeping into chimneys,