Why Is My Chimney Leaking? - R2 Roof Guys
You may love your fireplace in the winter, but when you discover your chimney leaking, you may not feel so positively about it. Because a chimney has to be open to the outdoors and its elements, they are an area where leaks sometimes happen. Reasons Your Chimney Is Leaking There
Secret Benefits of Roof Turbine Ventilators - R2 Roof Guys
It’s important that every roof has the proper ventilation. In fact, it’s absolutely essential to extending the life of your roof. If you don’t have sufficient ventilation in the winter, ice may gather on the edge of your roof, causing damage to the structure underneath. It can also lead to
How Long Will Roofing Work Take? - R2 Roof Guys
If you are going to have work done on your roof, either repairs or replacement, you are probably wondering how long the job will take to complete. Roofing work, even when done by competent and experienced contractors, can be loud and disruptive to your daily routine. Understanding in advance how
Filing an Insurance Claim for a Roof Replacement - R2 Roof Guys
It may be an unexpected catastrophe – a severe storm that damages your roof beyond repair. Or, it may be something that you have been expecting for years. Whatever the situation, when it’s time to replace your roof, you will know it and won’t be able to put it off
Keep Your Home Safe with This Home Safety Checklist - R2 Roof Guys
Improving the Safety of Your Home Have you ever explicitly focused on the safety of your home? If you don’t regularly check to make sure that it’s safe, you could be putting your home and your family at risk. This checklist will help you maintain a safe environment and minimize