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Hail Damage in McKinney, TX – R2 Roof Guys Reports

Hail Damage in McKinney, TX - R2 Roof Guys Reports - Roofing Contractor Garland

Roofing Contractor Confirmed Collin County, Texas Hail Storm

(SOURCE) March 24, 2019 — “According to AccuWeather Meteorologist Frank Strait, there have been a number of reports of wind damage and hail damage from the storms this evening March 24, 2019. The worst so far has been in Collin County, Texas, in and just south and west of McKinney. Baseball-sized hail was reported; it may have been even larger than that in a few places,” Strait said.

As per R2 Roof Guys a Dallas based Roofing contractor, “When you’re on your roof, you should be looking for possible hail damages to different parts of your roof. You may even ask your neighbors whether they have any hail or weather damage to their roof. Call R2 Roof Guys at 214-405-4396 for any emergency repairs to your roof from hail damage in Frisco, TX and McKinney, TX.”


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Dallas Roofing Company – Common Roof Leak Locations

Dallas Roofing Company – Common Roof Leak Locations by R2 Roof Guys

Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex roofers share information about where roof leaks occur most often.  

Dallas, TX / August 10, 2018 / — As roofing contractors at R2 Roof Guys, we see a lot of roof leaks. We also see how frustrating a roof leak can be for homeowners when the leak causes damages to their home and personal property. Sometimes locating roof leaks is relatively straightforward, while other times it can be quite difficult, requiring a lot of detective work and a spotter on the inside of the house.

We’ve put together a list of the most common areas that roof leaks occur, so as you inspect your roof before or after harsh weather, you’ll know where to focus. Of course, it’s always a good idea to have a roofing contractor come and inspect your roof – we know how to find the smallest, most hard-to-find leaks and repair them quickly.

Locations Where Roof Leaks Commonly Occur

The Roof Field – On older roofs, you may find that there are leaks within the roof field. If you have asphalt shingles, it should be fairly easy to walk around and check the tops of the shingles for any damage, curling, missing colored granules, and cracks. If you have other roofing materials, like slate, concrete tile, or clay tile, it requires more care and should be done by a roofing contractor.

Valleys – Valleys are the lines where two planes of the roof intersect. These areas can be particularly troublesome if the shingles are not trimmed correctly. When the shingles are trimmed to fit the valley area, there is a specific way they must be cut, or it can allow water to find a way down and into your home.

Chimneys – The areas surrounding chimneys are the culprits of many leaks. Chimneys typically contain four different types of flashing, and they all must be right, or you will have a leak. A tiny hairline crack above the flashing can cause a tremendous amount of water to leak behind the flashings and create damage.

Plumbing Vent Flashings – Many of the newer types of vent flashings have a rubber seal with an aluminum flashing. The rubber seals simply aren’t designed to last as long as a roof and can fail within 10 to 15 years. When you are trying to locate a leak, be sure to check for cracked rubber around plumbing pipes. The flashing should dive up and under the shingles that extend up the roof from the middle of the plumbing vent. The bottom half of the flashing should be exposed and actually cover the shingles.

Furnace Flashings – Furnace, or B-vent Flashings are similar to plumbing vent flashings. Although, they do sometimes have a storm collar. The storm collar is metal and fits tightly around the pipe that extends out of the roof. If the storm collar becomes loose, it can cause leaks.

Wind Blown Rain – Rain that is driven by high winds often proves to be a major problem. You may have a great roof, and yet the wind will drive the water up, under the roofing materials. Some roofers will use roofing cement at the edges of the roof to help keep this kind of damage to a minimum. Don’t underestimate the power of windblown rain; it can cause significant damage quickly.

Call R2 Roof Guys to Inspect Your Roof for Leaks

No matter what type of leak you have, the team at R2 Roof Guys can help you locate it and repair it. It’s always a good idea to have a roof inspection done at the first sight of water in your home. At R2 Roof Guys, we have the experience to find and repair roof leaks no matter what the cause. If you have noticed a leak in your home, contact us today at 214-405-4396 for a roof inspection.

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Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofing company announces the launch of its new website

Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex roofing company announces the launch of its new website.

Dallas-Fort Worth roofing company, R2 Roof Guys, is proud to announce the launch of its new website. The company, which is located in Garland, Texas, has been helping customers in the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area with all their roofing needs for more than 35 years.

New R2 Roof Guys Website

The launch of the new website is scheduled for the week of April 23, 2018. R2 Roof Guys specializes in roof repair and new roof installation, and they pride themselves on doing the work right the first time. In an introductory video on the new website, R2 Roof Guys co-owner, Richard Pena Jr., says, “We have an outstanding track record with repeat customers. What sets us apart from other roofing companies is we put quality control next to customer care. With that being said, the owner is always on the job site, and we make sure that we always provide you with the best service possible.” And they have the customer reviews to prove that they stand behind their work. On the new website, you can read customer testimonials and reviews.

R2 Roof Guys are local to the Dallas metro area, so they know the specific roofing needs of their customers. They offer new customers free estimates for new roof installations so that they are able to make well-informed decisions about their roofing situation. All labor that is performed on new roof installations is backed by a lifetime labor guarantee.

In addition to new roof installation and roof repair, R2 Roof Guys offers roof inspections, aluminum gutter installation, turbine ventilator installation, and skylight installation. The R2 Roof Guys team is always available to help Dallas-Fort Worth residents with any roofing problem or project.

About R2 Roof Guys

If you are looking for a new roof, roof repair, or roof inspection, and you live in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact R2 Roof Guys at 214-405-4396 anytime; there is someone to help you with any roofing need 24/7.