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How To Know If Your Roof Needs An Upgrade

There are some telltale signs to look for to determine whether it’s time to replace or upgrade a roof, including:

Age of Roof

Most roofs will last an average of 20 to 25 years, so knowing when your roof was built or upgraded is a big factor in whether it’s time for a new roofing installation.

Condition of Shingles

Many roofing experts encourage homeowners to examine their roof shingles to see if they’re curling, cracking or buckling. Missing shingles are also a major sign that your roof needs attention.

Indoor Leaks

If you’re noticing leaks inside your home, have a roofer do an inspection of your roof ASAP. Leaks coming from the ceiling after it rains could mean your roof needs to be patched or completely replaced.

Sagging Roof

If your roof is sagging in any area, it is often an indication that there’s some kind of damage, whether that’s due to excess moisture, age, or worn shingles.

Roofing Installation Services in Dallas

Whether you want a new roof, a re-roof, or you are thinking of any other kind of roofing project, think of R2 Roofing Guys as your one-stop shop for everything you need. We guarantee that we will only use the highest-quality products on the market, from trusted brands like Atlas, Tamko and GAF.

Our Garland Roofing Experts Can Help You With Multiple Projects

Even if you’re not sure exactly what’s wrong with your roof, give us a call so that we can inspect your roof and provide you with an assessment of what services your roof requires. Not only do we handle new roof installation, but we also handle turbine ventilator installations, aluminum gutter installations, and skylight installations.

Installing New Roofs In Garland and the Dallas Metro Area

Having a new roof installed in Garland or the Dallas Metro area is a major economic decision, and that’s why it’s so important for you to choose roofers that have a demonstrated track record of using the best materials to ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. We offer you several options for shingles, including Timberline Lifetime Roofing Shingles, the number one selling shingles in the U.S., which come in shades of browns, red, gray, blacks, blues and greens.

Installing Aluminum Gutters

Without good gutters, moisture from rain and the elements can quickly damage your roof, cause leaks, and crack the foundation of your house. Aluminum gutters have become a popular choice recently, because they are relatively inexpensive and have a high strength-to-weight ratio. Aluminum gutters are also rust-resistant, and come in many appealing colors.

Installing Turbine Ventilators

Proper ventilation is one of the most effective ways to extend the life of your roof, and that’s especially true when you lack sufficient ventilation in your attic. A turbine is a device with vanes that we install on top of your roof. It works by using wind to vacuum moist air out of your attic, which protects your roof from heat in the summer, and keeps your attic from forming ice during the winter.

Installing Skylights

Skylights can give your home a different look, but they also help more natural light enter your house, and are an important part of saving energy. We recommend ENERGY STAR rated skylights to maximize your energy efficiency, and we can help you choose the right place to install your new skylights.

Get Started To Your Home Upgrade

The team at R2 Roofing Guys is a full-service company that has the expertise and experience to service all your roofing needs. If you would like a roof inspection, or you want a free estimate for another project, we are ready to go to work on upgrading your home. Please call your Garland roofers today at 214-405-4396

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