Types of Residential Roofing Materials to Consider

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Types of Residential Roofing Materials to Consider

This article is meant to help you discover the best options on roof materials for Residential Roofing system. The word ‘roof’ is the same for any type of building, but the type of roofing system is different for residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Residential roofing typically includes roofing systems of a home, garage or other residential constructions. Usually, residential roofing is built steep slope and the materials used for residential roofing are designed accordingly.

Investing in a new roof or making massive changes to an existing roof can be a large investment. At R2 Roof Guys we believe it’s important for the homeowner to be heavily involved in the process and choose the best long-lasting roofing material that’s ideal for their location. A new roof replacement has a positive impact on different aspects of the house including the home’s appearance, better heating & cooling, and all of these contribute to the value of the property increasing.

Being a homeowner, you have a variety of options to choose from and decide what kind of roofing material you would prefer for your residential roofing job.

Here are a few options on residential roofing materials:

1. Rolled Roofing – If you are looking for the cheapest options for an insignificant part of the house, then rolled roofing is ideal. It is available as thin horizontal roof sheets. They are not very attractive and are easily available in hardware stores. They typically last for 5-8 years.

2. Asphalt – Asphalt is the most common material for residential roofing. They are extremely durable and last for up to 30 years and sometimes longer depending on the quality of the material used. They are available as long corrugated sheets. It is the best option if you would like to match the roof shingles to the style of the house. They are also a highly cost-effective roofing solution.

3. Metal Roofing – Metal Roofing is particularly flexible cost-wise based on the style of roofing one chooses. It can be more affordable or more expensive compared to asphalt material largely based on the roof design. There are specialists available for installation, repair or replacement of metal roofing sheets in Garland. One major disadvantage with this type of roofing option is that it carries noise from inside to outside, which is not preferred for most residential roofing jobs. However, they are very durable and can last up to 40 years when installed and maintained properly.

4. Cedar Shakes – Cedar Shakes are a high-end option that is a little more expensive than asphalt or metal roofing materials. It also requires high maintenance and is a material that most roofing contractors would advise against choosing for your roof replacement. Cedar shakes demand regular maintenance to avoid problems that come along with bugs and mildew, and often a material only used for roofing repairs on an existing cedar shake roof. However, when properly maintained, cedar shake roofs are very durable and can last up to 50 years in some cases. 

5. Slate Tile – Slate tile is one of the most expensive options available for residential roofing. It requires very skilled labor and specialists to install slate tile roofs. Although they are expensive, they can be treated as a one-time investment because of their life expectancy. A homeowner does not have to think about a new roof unless the roof is damaged during a hailstorm or strong winds. 

The above mentioned are a few basic options a homeowner can choose from for residential roofing. The materials are spread across the spectrum in terms of price, durability and maintenance.

Depending on the type of material a homeowner decides to use for their new roof, will also help determine how long it is able to last with regular maintenance. Be sure to discuss any roofing decisions with a residential roofing contractor. Call our roofing contractors at R2 Roof Guys in Garland and we will be happy to help you find the best roofing material based on the needs of your home in Wylie, Lavon, Rockwall, Rowlett, Murphy, Lucas and anywhere else in the DFW area.  

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