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The holidays are just around the corner, and that means cooler weather, gifts under the tree, hot chocolate, and of course, holiday lights. It wouldn’t be the holidays without sparkly lights. As festive as they are though, holiday lights are often a hassle to hang on your home. You have to deal with broken bulbs, knots of tangled strands of lights that take forever to straighten out, and possibly the worst part, trying to balance on the roof or a ladder to actually hang them.

R2 Roof Guys will come out to your home and hang your holiday lights for you.

We have been in the roofing business in the Dallas-Fort Worth area since 1991, have thousands of satisfied customers, and we are happy to get to help you get in the holiday spirit by putting up your decorative lights. We’re experienced with ladders and roofs, so there’s no need for you to climb this year, and we will have your home lighting up the neighborhood in no time. When we’re finished, all you have to do is flip the switch when you are ready to share the warmth of the season with your friends, family and neighbors.


Garland X-Mas Light Installation Serving Dallas & Forth Worth Metroplex

We will hang icicle lights, C-9 and C-7 lights, and LED lights.

So, whether you want icicle lights surrounding your roof or twinkling mini-lights around your windows.

we can make your home sparkle with an eye-catching presentation that will bring on the holiday cheer.

Dallas Christmas Light Installation Serving Dallas, TX.

All of our holiday light installations include a consultation, light installation, maintenance, and removal. That means that if any of your light bulbs go out, or there is a winter storm that disturbs the display, we will come out and fix your decorations at no charge.

And you won’t have the added hassle of taking the holiday lights down – removal is included! Scheduling for removal of your lights begins on January 2nd.


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