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For over thirty years, R2 Roofing Guys of Garland has been recognized as the leading residential roof repair contractor in Dallas. We have extensive experience working with all types of roofs including shingles, tile, slate, and metal roofing. Contact us today for a free roof inspection!

Roof Repair in Garland, TX

Roof Repair That has Been Trusted For Over 30 Years

R2 Roof Guys, LLC is here to handle all of your roof repairs and roof maintenance in Garland and the DFW area. We are committed to delivering the highest level of service and professionalism in everything we do. From minor repairs to major overhauls, if your roof is damaged our team is ready to help.

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Roof Repair Garland, TX

Roof Repair vs. Roof Replacement

If your roof is starting to show signs of age or damage, it will take a bit more than just a quick spray down with a power washer to get it back to ideal working condition. However, it can be difficult for the average owner to deduce if their house or building requires just a few quick roof repairs or a complete roof replacement. Thankfully, the roofing professionals at R2 Roofing Guys have the experience to help you decide what move will be the best for your unique needs.


Frequent Questions

First and foremost is your roof’s age. If you don’t know when your roof was installed, then the type of roofing material used in its construction can be evaluated to see where it is in its lifecycle. Each roofing material has a different expected lifestyle that is dependent on the environment, weather damage, how well the roof and gutters have been cared for, and of course, how well your roof system was installed. Having your roof replaced or installed by a professional roofing contractor is one of the best predictors for its longevity. 
As a general rule about leaks, especially when storm damage has been suffered, replacing rather than repairing your roof is a better idea. Replacing an older roof that fails to keep water out of the lower structures and insulation is also easier on your wallet in the long run. Water left to pool inside a home is especially dangerous if unseen and can not only cause unhealthy mold and mildew to grow but eventually lead to structural concerns. While sometimes quick roof repairs can be performed as a stopgap, getting the roof fully replaced will guarantee its integrity against stormy weather. 
If you’re already thinking about having work done on a roof, chances are it’s because you’ve already noticed it not performing as it should or that it has been visibly damaged. Utilizing a trusted roofing company with skilled experts in the roof-building industry can help you better evaluate the extent that a roof has been compromised. A quality roofing company will also care about your roof’s unique material, design layout, and your budget. 
If you’re in a part of the country with rough weather such as feet of snow in winter, hurricanes in summer, or extra-intense UV exposure, you’ll probably want to forego having your roof repaired in favor of a total roof replacement instead. Typically, the weakest link in your roof is the place where it will fail, and you’ll want the interlocking components of your roof to function as a disciplined phalanx against the assaults of Mother Nature. A roof replacement will see that your home or building is fully protected against the elements.